Monday, September 29, 2014

Stress solutions in October with Alexander Technique

When we are stressed, our health can suffer in many different ways. Stress is very common, and should be addressed sooner rather than later as it has cumulative health effects over time.

For the many people who have to deal with stress in their work and personal lives, Alexander Technique can provide effective relief and it teaches great self-management tools.

If you book soon, I am offering:
  • big discounts to organisations that invite me to their workplace
  • discounted one-on-one sessions in my practice in Fairfield/Alphington
  • free introductory workshops for community groups.

Click here to check out my track record with running group activities.

Why this offer now?

  •  International Alexander Technique Awareness Week runs from October 6 - 12. This year’s theme is Manage Stress Effectively with the Alexander Technique. 
  • Safe Work Australia Month is October, on the theme Work safe. Home safe.

Contact me before October 12, to take up the offer between now and December 15. Email me please to book or for more information.

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