Sunday, May 10, 2020

Maintain poise working at home

Can you maintain appropriate poise while working from home? Old habits certainly creep in, exacerbating stiffness and pain. My online lessons will certainly help you, but first consider these points. 

Start by thinking of your body as an instrument - how well are you 'using' yourself as you sit in front of the computer? What change might you ask for, without creating more tension?

  • Observe how you connect to the floor and chair 
  • Ask if you can let go tension in the shoulders, arms and hands
  • Ask for length up the body (front, back and centre)
  • Notice if your head can subtly release towards the ceiling  

Try putting your mind to observing yourself, day after day - a little at a time. Just make sure that too much thinking doesn't lead to tightening up! You can expect that maintaining your poise becomes easier over time.

Check your computer setup too, and please experiment. Simple adjustments to your chair, desk, keyboard, screen and mouse may help. 

I covered all these topics, and also eyestrain, in a recent corporate webinar.

Tearing your hair out! You may find it hard to focus enough to do this well. Why not ask about online lessons now or a webinar for your organisation.