Thursday, September 25, 2014

Group activities with Alexander Technique are great!

Take a look at my group activities with Alexander Technique over the last three years, I'm tickled at their range. It has been loads of fun as well as educational for me as well as for participants. Most activities I have run myself, and some with fellow teacher Anne Mallen.

There have been workshops for 'corporate' clients, including:
  • Department of Sustainability and Primary Industries
  • Hume Council
  • Jika Jika Community Centre (for staff)
  • Port Phillip Council 
  • RM Consulting Group 
  • State Services Authority 
  • Thornbury High School (for staff)
  • Victorian Environment Assessment Council
Following several of these workshops, Anne and I helped individuals one-on-one at their desks. Feedback has been extremely positive, and I am happy to share reports to clients if your organisation is interested in engaging me.

Conducting impromptu activities is great fun.

  • I have done this during a tea break at the Land for Wildlife Conference
  • Participants during a session at the Thriving in Uncertainty Conference just loved my quiet work during a long session on a totally unrelated topic; I went around the circle, placing hands gently on their shoulders and back encouraging release of tension. One person commented that it made him much more aware of himself and others, consequently he spoke less than usual!

Regular classes have been held at Hub Melbourne, and Jika Jika Community Centre (with Anne)

I have also run introductory activities for:
  • Australian Vietnamese Women's Association
  • Clifton Hill Medical Group
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Greensborough Chiropractic
  • Injured Workers Group
  • Transition Darebin "Sustaining Ourselves" workshop
  • The Centre (North Melbourne)
  • U3A (Melbourne CBD)
  • Victorian Facilitator's Network
While travelling in 2014, I also worked with
  • Neurological Rehabilitation Centre in Edgware Community hospital
  • Over 55s group in Edgware, Middlesex, England
  • Act 4 theatre group in Colombo, Sri Lanka
 On returning to Australia, I helped senior teacher Penny McDonald at her regular classes with actors at the Howard Fine Acting Studio and 16th Street Actors Studio.

 Lectures about Alexander Technique have been given to staff at the State Services Authority, and the Medical Faculty in Colombo University, Sri Lanka.

Anne and I also worked with a group on their walking styles in Fitzroy Gardens, as part of their activities for the Global Corporate Challenge "the world's largest and most exciting workplace health and wellness program". 


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