Lisa in BundooraFrom my very first session with Jim, his passion and commitment to teaching Alexander Technique was evident. Skilled and knowledgeable on the method, Jim was ever ready to answer any questions, creating a safe and encouraging space for me to practice. Genuinely interested in my progress and helping me to achieve my goals, Jim invested the time and effort to tailor lessons to my needs, take on feedback I had and raise my awareness to habits I had developed over the years. After six consecutive classes, I have noticed pronounced changes in my posture and movements which has elevated discomfort from continuous office work. Thank you Jim!
Sarah came to me for six days in a row over summer. It was a great experience for her and for me teaching in this way, rather than the usual weekly lesson.
Helen in Hurstbridge I didn't expect magic, but now I have the tools. You don't break the habits of a lifetime in six lessons but it emphasises that it is within you to make the change - unlike physio that give you exercises aimed at the symptoms but don't fix the underlying cause.

Diane in Adelaide felt great relief having had excruciating back pain for two days after a long reading session, followed by some heavy gardening. 

Greg in Fitzroy found that his lower back pain ceased after a workshop in which I gave advice on adjusting the chair seat so it tilted forward rather than back.

Ruth in Carlton came to me with excruciating shoulder pain. It went after one lesson, though she came for many more lessons to address underlying tension.

A worker in Southbank told me that she could stir food on the stove without pain – after following my advice to her and her work colleagues at their monthly work meeting

Earlier testimonials

Holly, facilitator : I attended Jim Crosthwaite's short workshop on the Alexander Technique at the 2012 Facilitation One Day Wonder. As a facilitator I'm on my feet a lot and often find a day of facilitating quite hard on my body. Jim used accessible activities and visualisations that helped me notice my body and correct some bad habits - all done in such a gentle and relaxing way. I'll definitely be looking for other opportunities to explore this technique with Jim's support (September 2012).

Marcelle, office worker : I attended a 2 hour workshop facilitated by Jim and I was convinced by the end of the workshop that The Alexander Technique would help me enjoy my life! I am new to constant busyness (luck was on my side) and my body, mind and spirit are feeling the strain. Jim’s workshop assisted me to connect with my body and move more consciously. This has the effect of relieving stress and I want to learn more so I can incorporate the technique into my daily life (September 2012).
Virginia, manager : Physically I have noticed some huge differences in some aspects of life - tackling hills is one of them.  I have always struggled to climb hills and stairs, quickly becoming breathless.  I marvel at how your teaching of Alexander Technique has helped - I recently enjoyed (not just endured) climbing Mt Cathedral (at the Cathedral Ranges in NE Victoria).  There are many other ways that Alexander Technique has benefited me, the learning doesn't cease (July 2012).

Mark, photographer : Astonishing. I could see the subtle changes in people. They became more balanced. As a professional photographer, I’m trained to see small changes. Mark’s photography can be seen at http://www.marksmithphoto.com.au/ (July 2012).

Julia, office worker 
: Thanks for yesterday - it was very relaxing and I'm already being a lot more aware of how I'm moving (May 2012 ).

Shane, retail : I’ve learned to ask for it … don’t tell yourself what to do (May 2012).

Elizabeth, myotherapist : After just one Alexander class with Jim and Anne, I experienced my first good night's sleep since giving birth 15 months ago (March 2012).

Diane, marketing : The pain in my neck/shoulder has all but gone, which I attribute largely to the posture tips you gave me: THANK YOU! It is amazing how subtle changes can make such a huge difference. I'm thrilled (January 2012).

Mimi, masseur : Jim offered a lesson in Alexander Technique when I told him about problems with my right hand that I had for over a year. The thumb couldn’t move sometimes when I tried to use my hands, and the palm felt very hard. I couldn’t hold a fork or chopsticks properly, or cut with a knive. Rubbing it with my left hand relieved the pain, but the problem kept returning.

During the Alexander lesson I could feel the chi flowing through the arm into the hand, which relaxed straight away. I didn’t believe that this would change things for long, because of my experiences as a qualified masseur in China, and having also observed acupuncture. But I was amazed that one lesson made such a difference. I now haven’t had the problem for over six months (October 2011).

Christine, professional development manager, local High School : We asked our staff to evaluate these sessions and the responses were extremely positive as the staff felt it had been a valuable, enjoyable, yet challenging experience that helped with communication skills within the classroom setting (June 2011).

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