From home

Where-ever you are, we can work together easily. 

teach individuals and groups 
  • online using zoom or skype 
  • in workplaces 
  • on home visits
  • occasionally in community centres
  • and most often, in a home-based studio in inner north-east Melbourne. 
I will happily teach across south-eastern Australia, as I love to travel.

Finding my studio
Alphington is located between Fairfield and Ivanhoe. It is 8kms from the CBD on the Hurstbridge train line, where it meets the 508 bus from Brunswick and Moonee Ponds.

What to expect 
As a teacher, I work in a supportive and gentle way to help you address your improve your posture and reduce pain. Over time, your balance and poise will improve, and stress levels reduce.  

We achieve these goals by changing habits that introduce unnecessary muscular tension during daily activities, whether sitting at a desk, walking, talking, washing dishes or wielding a shovel. 

Alexander Technique can also improve performance in sport, acting and music. It can be applied with great results to walking, running, swimming, yoga and gym work. People learn how to perform these activities in a much freer and lighter way. 
I tailor each lesson to your needs. Most likely we will begin with the two approaches of traditional Alexander Technique lessons - 'chair work' and 'table work'. Using the chair involves guiding you into sitting and standing - this reveals so much about our habits and what might change. Table work involves lying on a table, while I encourage awareness of tension points and allowing gentle release. We will also include other activities that you would like to look at - such as walking, speaking, cycling.

If you work from home, we can also work at your desk

What I offer is based on
  • my experience with many clients individually and in groups; 
  • 1600 hours of full-time training (3 years); and
  • my own personal journey of overcoming lower back and hip pain

In summary, here is what you receive 

• Gentle hands-on that assists freer movements at your chair or exercise machine when you sit, bend and reach.

• Verbal guidance to help reduce strain when you walk, run, type, speak, dig, lift, or ride a bike.

• Helping to undo harmful postural habits, and find new choices – with many practical tips.

• The experience of lying in semi-supine position to release tension and help calmness. Great to do at home.

Small groups of 2 - 3 people are great. Participants learn from each other. These are structured to meet your needs and interests. Do it with friends or work colleagues, or ask if I can organise a group. 

Community classes.
I welcome requests to run community classes, and sometimes organise them myself. 

Many regular classes or introductory workshops, some with colleague Anne Mallen. They include Hub Melbourne, Jika Jika Community Centre, Injured Workers Group, Clifton Hill Medical Group, U3A, Friends of the Earth, Sustaining Ourselves, Greensborough Chiropractic, and The Centre (North Melbourne)
With members of Act 4 theatre group

While travelling in England and Sri Lanka in 2014, I also worked with 
• Neurological Rehabilitation Centre in Edgware Community hospital
• Over 55s group in Edgware, Middlesex
• Act 4 theatre group in Colombo

Workshops and other corporate activities. Visit the 'In your workplace' page. 

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