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I come to the workplace to help with posture, pain and stress issues. Over time, these problems can become debilitating. For employers, they are a hidden drain.


I am now teaching using ZOOM, offering webinars, meetings and one-on-one sessions.  

Most recently, I have run activities for the Victorian Building Authority and Friends of the Earth.


At RMCG - before

At RMCG - after

Expect results through simple changes to how people sit at the desk or perform daily tasks. The hard bit is reinforcing habits so that the new patterns stick.

As habits do change, people notice less tension, freer movement, reduced stress, and improved quality of voice.

For employers, staff are more productive and happier - with a new set of skills to look after themselves. What I offer fits perfectly with staff well-being and OHS programs. 

Ask me to visit and give a short presentation. I'll explain the evidence-base for Alexander Technique and how I can help in the workplace. Then after we clarify the needs of your organisationwe can discuss options. 

I now have a solid track record of workplace activities backed up by training in workshop facilitation and many years of office work. 

Choices I offer include one-on-one help at the desk, workshops and other options outlined below.

1. At the desk or work station 
I give advice on : how to sit; use the keyboard; bend and reach; and much more. The approach is also relevant to other workers such as nurses, factory workers and teachers. 
At RMCG - before
At RMCG - after

You will learn so much in 20-30 minutes. We can do a lot over a coffee, if it is impractical for me to come to your workplace. 

I have assisted individuals at their desks in these organisations:
* RM Consulting Group
* Hub Melbourne
* Port Phillip Council
* Indigo Shire
* State Services Authority
* Victorian Environment Assessment Council
* Department of Industry and Regional Development
* Council of the Ageing
* National Tertiary Education Union
* Australian Vietnamese Women's Association
* New International Bookshop
* Clifton Hill Wellness Centre
* Friends of the Earth

2. Workshops. 
I have conducted workshops with many of the above organisations, and some others like Thornbury High School, Hume Council, Council of The Ageing, Neurological Rehabilitation Centre (Edgware Community Hospital, England), and Act 4 Theatre Group (Sri Lanka).

Workshops are a great way for staff to share the experience of identifying habits that are not helpful, and making the necessary changes. 

I design the workshop in consultation with relevant managers. 

Ask me for one of the post-workshop reports to the client.

3. Meetings and conferences 
Activities can be tailored for your event, whether as a short workshop or tea break activity. 

Victorian Facilitators Network (VFN)
Organisations that I have helped at their events include: Land for WildlifeAustralian Vietnamese Women's Association, Victorian Facilitator's Networkand Transition Darebin. I have also organised demonstrations at a Fitx exhibition, run activities at the Thriving in Uncertainty Conferenceand supported another teacher at Howard Fine Acting Studio. 
At VFN Facilitation One Day Wonder

Here are just two examples of what we can do.

Asking people to reflect on how they are holding and raising their drink is both fun and instructive! 

Gently placing my hands (with permission) gently on shoulders and backs draws attention to tension that people hold. One participant positively reported talking less than usual as he was more conscious of both himself and others in the room. 
Aust Vietnamese Women's Assn (AVWA) 

4. Lectures
I give lectures of 15 - 60 minutes, depending on the needs of clients. 

The talks are designed to encourage audience participation in activities, even with large numbers. We can all raise our hands or wiggle our bottoms!
Intro by CEO of AVWA Cam Nguyen

I use plain language explanation of the principles of Alexander Technique, linking it when appropriate to OHS and well-being. 

Formal presentations have been given to the State Services Authority and to the Medical Faculty at Colombo University, Sri Lanka. Less formal presentations include "Facilitating with personality, posture and presence", an interactive talk to the Victorian Facilitator's Network.

5. Outdoors
Alexander Technique is about how we perform any activity.

The Global Corporate Challenge in which staff across the world have to walk for health provided an opportunity for fellow teacher Anne Mallen and I to work with staff at the State Services Authority. We guided them on posture as they walked

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