Friday, November 7, 2014

Three tips for using your mobile phone well

He says "yes" to all three questions
Using a mobile phone causes problems with posture unless you are very mindful. This also applies to using a laptop.

Observe yourself 
  1. How much do you hunch over?
  2. Do you crane forward from the base of the neck?  
  3. Do you then pull your head back a little or a lot?

Three tips on what you can do

  1. Think about being long up the front of your body. Stop if you start to become rigid in the front or back.
  2. Practice nodding with very little movements - as though you are acknowledging what a friend is saying. Notice that your head pivots roughly at your ear lobes. 
  3. Imagine shining a torch from your forehead. Initially straight ahead. Now angle the beam down towards your phone (thanks to Rossi for this idea).
Much better!
Next step?
Simple ideas, yes. Putting them together can be tricky.

If you use the phone or laptop a lot, why not get it right now?

Set yourself on the right path and:
  • initiate a class with me where you work or live, 
  • book private lessons with me 
  • organise a skype session

In another post, I’ll look at arm and back issues with the mobile phone

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Some recent research
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