Monday, July 21, 2014

Natural hand position at the keyboard

Have you thought about the position of your hands on the keyboard? Yes, there is a natural position that applies to both computer and piano? You can find it easily by dropping your arms down by your sides, so that they hang limply. In this way, the fingers will slightly curl in.

I had not been aware of this until reading a book on how Chopin wrote his Etudes to emphasise the natural hand position, and which could damage the hands if not played in the right way (Alan Kogosowski Genius of the Piano 2005). The natural position is one in which the hand forms a loose fist, with the fingers hanging easily. A google search shows that ergonomists also recommend this for computer use.

The correct hand position allows the fingers to more easily accomplish their task. While they may reach for other keys, the fingers quickly return to this natural position. For touch typists this may be easier than for others – but it is something to aim for. 

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