Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Brushing your teeth

How do you brush your teeth? Probably you use more tension than necessary. Observe yourself, accept any tension for a moment - and then ask for release. How easily can you let go?

It's a great way to get a sense of what Alexander Technique offers. Being mindful twice a day, when in the bathroom, is a really good preparation for our lifelong journey of staying freely upright.

Tension shrinks us over time - just look at most 70 year olds. F.M. Alexander used to say that for every moment of the day when you're not 'coming up, you're going down'.

Alexander Technique shows us how to do this correctly - without introducing tension elsewhere in the body.

Most of us use unnecessary tension in our daily activities. Can you spot it in this photo?

You can learn by imitating him if you use a pen or toothbrush:
- tighten around the jaw and in the front of the neck,
- raise the right shoulder, and then,
- poke the head forward a little so the face is angled upwards.
Now ask for release and let that tension go - while still holding the pen or toothbrush.

My two earlier blogposts about arms and shoulders may help whenever your arms are active - showering, housework, using the mouse, walking - in fact nearly all of the time!

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