Friday, December 5, 2014

Dancing with the stars

Dancing can be fun, even when you haven't done it for 3 years.

Recently, Sandra and I rejoined the Melbourne Colonial Dancers in Collingwood. Smiling faces greeted us.

I was intent on applying the idea from Alexander Technique to “think up” and to look out at eye level. As a result, I was less focused on my feet.

Skilled Irish or flamenco dancers move their feet rapidly with the head almost motionless because they are “up” in the clouds. Thinking that way really does help, even for novices.

Dancing in 2011. I'm in light blue top.
Listening to the music made it easier to anticipate likely steps, without jumping in too quickly. Using peripheral vision and being very aware of the other dancers is important.

After several dances, my left leg was dragging slightly. I had broken that leg as a teenager, and it was in plaster for months. I was consciously asking for length up the left leg and body. But old habits tend to become stronger as we tire.

After making changes to my daily exercise routine, the leg problem has virtually disappeared. A few weeks ago, we danced all night at the Colonials 40th anniversary ball.

You are welcome to join us in Collingwood every Wednesday. Check out the Melbourne Colonial Dancers.

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